Ninety-six pages done, I've reached the end of Castle Walls Of course, I'm not quite finished here. I've a minimum of two more scenes to add. I completely skipped over where they should be so that I could read the remainder of the manuscript without interruption. Now, to go back and write . . .

One thing no one ever thinks of when they become a writer is the sheer work involved!

Received an email from a friend of mine – Pagan Personal Ads. Good for tons of giggles, I'll quote a couple of entries here:


Large Masculine Woman seeks same for loose creative time.
Non-hierarchical and very earth based fun. No men allowed so
that you may feel bathed in the spirit of your sisters
without the patriarchal oppression bearing down upon you.
No need for deodorant, conditioner, or makeup here. Be
natural, just the way the Goddess made you.

Asatru (which I am):

Furry and socially backwards man seeking biker babe for grunt
sessions. Don't really care what you look like as long as you
will follow as I say. Must be willing to listen to me ramble
on and on about the Gods and the sacred texts while I get drunk
with libation from my horn cup.


Man of the Forest seeks Wood Nymph for nature sex. Think me
hunter you village woman. I have an assortment of different
wands that we can try out in various ways. 😉