Man, I love a good dialogue scene. Eats up the word count like there's no tomorrow. Well over a thousand words today and I was able to integrate previously 'remembered' phrases from Emerita and Sati. Now to get Florin's phrase into the conversation, wrap it up and give both Katerin and Ilia some food for thought regarding their potential romances…

Spent a couple of hours in an online class tonight – Writing the Novel Series workshop. Not a bad class. Got lots of food for thought.

Also got that frickin' frackin' critique done for Jeri and sent off. W00t! All my writing goals met for the day! Can't beat that!

My dad called. Apparently he's having trouble with his email and hasn't received my last couple. Whatever it was has been figured out as of late this evening. It was really difficult to hear over the phone and I had the volume jacked up as loud as it would go. Thank gods I'll soon have enough put aside for a hearing aide. I might have enough by the end of the year for TWO of 'em! What a concept!

Off to read and goof for the next hour and a half! WOO HOO!