Just sent the new and improved version of Castle Walls to my editing goddess, Cindy Cresap. Word count jumped 20k with all the added material. While I'd like to say I'm finished with it, I'm not. Knowing Cindy, she'll rave at the new additions, find several things that need tweakng and then ask for an additional five or six scenes regarding something or other.

And she'll only use one of 'em. LOL!

On the work front, my boss discovered I should have had my performance evaluation last July. Do you know how many hours I've worked since then? 797! And I get a raise! With retrograde pay next week! WOO HOO! Choices, choices . . . do I get that additional 512mb RAM for the Mac? Or perhaps I should go with a backup system. Maybe a program or two that I'm needing.

Off to prepare for work! Aloha!