Sheesh . . . not only is is tomorrow, but it's gone and become even FURTHER tomorrow!

Went to work Saturday afternoon. Mediocre night, the usual. Unfortunately, it was almost 1am before I clocked out. My last bus had left a half hour before. I had a choice of staying in the hotel I work for or catching the final bus out of town. This would plant me over a mile from my house and I'd be walking home on arthritic feet and knees. I don't think so.

So, spent the night in the hotel. Had a glorious shower (the hot water never ran out! Gotta love it!) Went back to work this afternoon. I saw from the window that it was a drop dead gorgeous day, but I wasn't fortunate enough to witness it first hand, alas!

Slaved away some more and am finally home. Whew! I'm off tomorrow. Think I'll nap a couple of times and get some writing done.

Couple of things have been plaguing me tonight, story wise. Castle Walls is off to the editor and I should be getting back to Born of Silence again. Unfortunately, as is always the case when I'm halfway through a novel, something else is rearing it's enticing head and beckoning me away. *sigh* I hate it when that happens!

Anyhoo, the group in-house was 4H. Those of us with some rural background will recognize the organization. Right across from the office door, the Alaskan contingent had a display. Now, I've already got two Alaska ideas in the works – one being a modern day run of the Iditarod and the other being a mail order bride arriving in the 1800 wilderness. Now I've a different one coming to mind – modern day <I>chica</I> nicknamed Trog who saves the life of the President of the United States. No, it's not about how she does it. It's about the reporter who follows her around trying to get an exclusive 'people soft' type of story out of the incident. (And she's nicknamed Trog because she literally lives in a cave – i.e. trogladylte.)

I'm weird, I know.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go over my original At First Blush anthology entry that failed to make the grade. I think if I flesh out the bits and pieces to show rather than tell why the character is second guessing her current relationship, Fortitude might accept it for their next anthology, On Second Thought. Wish me luck. I've got to have it completed, contract signed, story sent in by the Ides of March!

Nitey winky!