..will I read the NY Times online. For some reason it crashes my browser. Anyway, once I've sent a talkback to Mozilla, my browser will refuse to start. I have to dump it and re-setup the thing all over again. And then it still won't work until I shut everything down. And I'm too lazy to shut everything down. LOL!

So, now I'm using IE (blech) because it's better than Safari, in my opinion. But my up to date bookmarks are on Chimera Navigator so I can't go to the sites I normally would.

On a lark, I did the ol' self search on Google. Actually, I searched for my latest book, Warlord Metal. Just to see what was out there. And here's what I found!


That's a BRITISH bookstore! I'm overseas now! W00T!!

(Yeah, I knew my publisher was working on an overseas distributor, but that's the last I heard. I hear tell they were also working to get an Australian one.)