Only 769 words today. About two hundred of that is the last of Castle Walls edits. The rest I did at Coffee People on Born of Silence.

I’m having difficulty slipping from a medieval fantasy to contemporary vampires (go figure!) I had the same problem the last time I went through CW. Took me three days to get back into BoS. Can’t afford that this time, however, if I’m going to keep up my grand a day for the Forward Motion Dare. This is day two of no joy as far as word count.

Tomorrow morning I think I’ll get back into the swing of things. Write the grand for BoS before work. Then, when I get home (which will be early cuz we’re REALLY slow at work) do the final bit of CW. I’ve got a list of repetitive phrases I’ve got to sort through. Brainless work, actually. Just a matter of finding them all and replacing them with more inventive things.

And now I’m waiting for my buddy, Shawn, to get her butt home from work so I can talk to her on iChat.

In the meantime, for those of you who wish to ask about outlines, the answer is yes, yes, and yes. LOL! Oh, all right, I’ll answer a little better . . .

Yes, I work from an outline. At least I am with BoS and I have with Warlord Metal and Tiopa Ki Lakota.

Yes, I work without an outline. At least I did with the fanfic series I was involved in. Those were done on a chapter by chapter basis because each chapter equated with a single day. I’d decide “Okay, it’s the following day, what’s everybody doing?” I also didn’t work from any sort of outline with CyberEpic and got about halfway through one that’s been tabled (Kou Itten) without an outline.

Yes, I have an alternative method. Or at least I’ve tried several. With Castle Walls, I didn’t use an outline so much as the index card method. Tiopa was the result of historical study where I had to keep good track of time. (There really was a year known as the Year of the Horses by the Lakota.) With Born of Silence, I found a Mac program called Omni Outliner that’s fantastic!

I would highly suggest going to Forward Motion and registering there. They have online classes and they also have the transcripts from past classes. You’ll find one by Holly Lisle about how to outline. It helped me a lot!