1068 today and I stopped at a point that I can easly get back into. Dialogue is sooooo easy. I love it.

The complications come from realizing that I was missing a scene. Originally, I had planned for Castillo to spill the beans about Jenna's true nature and she would collapse not long after. The goal was for Margaurethe to find her at a hospital as Jenna fled from the desire to take someone or other's blood. But then it dawned on me that if Jenna were to collapse anywhere near Castillo, he'd haul her off to the church instead.


So I had Jenna escape and then had to add another scene whereby she goes over what the priest told her. But that wouldn't cause her to collapse. I added another flash of past life memory to induce her fainting spell. Whew!

THEN I had to rearrange a couple of scenes. It would be more logical for the reader to see Margaurethe searching first before finding Jenna in the hospital.

And I was thinking of a friend, jrosestar, and her problem with Kelly messing up the previous chapter. (Cuz Castillo almost messed up my last scene by being too understanding and giving Jenna more information than she needed.) As the author, you know what you want to happen. While it's good to have characters with minds of their own, you have to know them well. When a character decides to do something you're not prepared for, messing up the outline and plot, you have to know them well enough to divert them back to the path you had planned.

(i.e. Warlord Metal – Sonny and Torrin kissing all hot and heavy for the first time. But they weren't supposed to hop into bed for another YEAR. Stalled on that scene for three days trying to figure out how to stop it since neither character would. Duh! Like I would given the same situation! I finally found a reason, an external interruption of someone knocking on the door to break them apart – like throwing water on dogs – so they could think long enough to stop their progress. Had I left it up to their devices, the story would have been remarkably different.)

When the characters are too real you have to remember that you are their God in this universe. You can always throw curveballs to force them along the path you need them to follow.