First week down, and 7314 words! I’ve also finished one complete chapter.

Been reading a book called Guerrilla Marketing for Writers. It’s somewhat interesting; talks about the need to market one’s self (something I’m woefully lacking in,) and gives many suggestions for same. It’s not bad, but not exactly what I was looking for, I guess. Very general overall. I suppose it would be much more helpful if I was writing how-to or self-help books. Then I could go like gang busters with the ideas there.

Last week was a stress free, few work days kinda week. Loved it. Had five glorious days off overall. This week, I’ve got one day off and no going home early. So . . . which week did my editor return Castle Walls for ANOTHER go round? Why, this one, of course! ARGH! I’ve only gotten 50 out of 195 pages done. Thank gods, I’m not currently on a deadline!

Off to do dishes, change sheets, pack lunch, get ready for work, blech!