Busy ones, at that. Two glorious days off and I only got one nap out of the deal! Durnit!

Saturday was spent catching up on all the chores I hadn't done because I was working my butt off the previous six nights. I only just got the mountain of dishes done this morning! No writing to be had (and haven't had time for two or three days before Saturday, either.)

On Sunday, I buried myself in Castle Walls. ARGH! I thought the LAST time was the last time! Six hours of heavy duty editing. Gods! I hope I only have to read a proof now! I’ve been through this manuscript seven times!

Nobody told me that writing was work! LOL!

And to cap the night, I found a really cool set of templates for my revised website. I'm going to give it a professional appearance. For those of you who enjoy the writing there, I'll warn you – I'm not going to have links from the main site to the stories. I will, however, leave the stories there. The reason for this is that there are several places where the links to the individual tales are listed. I don't want to cut off people from reading what's already online, but I also don't want to turn off potential publishers by having fanfiction on my site. It's a sticky situation. I mean, if anybody REALLY wanted to find the stories, all they'd need to do is search.

Fanfiction is my skeleton and I'm constructing the closet. LOL!

Anyway, if and when the Sanguire series is published, I'm also going to put the Sanguire Encyclopedia online. And now I'm going way beyond simple html programming. The templates are frames and I spent a couple of hours futzing around until I fgured the links out. Now I've got to consider MySQL and PHP programming. Yikes! I want to remove my email address from all areas of the site and simply put a comment form down. It'll help divert the spam I've been receiving. I was also thinking about using one or two line quotes from my stories as a teaser on the main page – that's why MySQL. I want it a random quote to come up every time someone goes to the site.

AND I'm writing 1k a day, editing On Azrael's Wings, brainstorming my future media kit, etc, etc, etc.

I wish I didn't have to work full time!

Have a good day, people!