Finished Castle Walls and returned it just after midnight last night (this morning?) This should be the final go through! YAY!

Went to bed and had a rude awakening a few hours earlier. Food poisoning. Blech. Laid in misery for about an hour, uncertain in which direction I'd lose whatever was in me. I sincerely hoped for one and got the other instead. I hate throwing up. *shudder*

Much better today. A bit of acid on the stomach, but nothing else. So, just a touch. Whew! Still haven't figured out exactly what it was, as my wife and I had dinner at a buffet place and pretty nearly had the same thing. Who knows?

So…very late start today. Didn't even begin writing until almost 1pm. Stared at the screen for an hour and did dishes instead. (Good thing, too. Haven't done dishes in three days. We were beginning to wonder where the hel the kitchen had gone!) Now I've got just over four hundred words. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of the scene.

I think I'm closer to the end than I thought. Maybe even before this 1k is finished. We'll see.

My goal for today is not 3k, due to feeling tired and uninspired from feeling icky. I'm going to do 1k, take a nap, and see what happens later. If I'm close enough to the end, I'll probably slog through it.

And then READ, READ, READ! I've got three library books and a book on full time RVing piled at the end of my desk for my perusal.