got ’em! I got ’em! I got my copies of Castle Walls!! W00T!

I’ve also got all the copies signed that need signing. Next week, six of them will hit the US Snail, and two go to people here in Portland.

On the Tiopa Ki Lakota front, I just finished a new scene where young Anpo receives her new name. Originally, the shaman gave it to her after she told he and her father of her vision. Now, I realize she would not have had her father there when she spoke with Inyan; she’s an adult (at the tender age of 12,) and would speak to him on her own. Not to mention the fact that the shaman wouldn’t give her a name right then – he’d meditate on it and pronounce it publicly.

So, Wanbli (Anpo’s father) holds a feast in honor of her special vision, and many people are in attendance. It’s at this time that Inyan gives her the new name of Wi Ile Anpo (“the sun is burning at dawn.”)

I’ve gotten a bit more extensive in the discussion of Anpo’s place in her village. Not only is the vision of the white buffalo a very important one, but her mere existence as a wicakte (two souled woman) is vital. Her standing among all the people is extremely high, even at her age. It will be quite a responsibility for her, and I’ve tried to show the beginnings of that.

When I first wrote the novel, the first chapter was 20k long. Then, when Renaissance Alliance published it, they said it was overlong for a chapter and divided it in half. Now that I’m rewriting, I discovered that it’s even longer than I thought. The ‘first’ chapter is actually five now. I’m now beginning work on ‘chapter 2,’ Winyan Ki. Things should go a bit faster for awhile as I’m only editing what’s already done. It’ll no doubt slow down when I reach the point of Kathleen leaving her family to return to Anpo – I skipped over that scene and at least one person has been quite adamant of seeing what happens when Kathleen tells her parents that the homesteading way is not for her, and she’s going to return to the heathens.