Has been a pretty productive day. Yesterday, too.

Yesterday, I saw S and N and gave S an autographed copy of Castle Walls. Then saw J and did the same. Then wandered over to Coffee People to have a Velvet Hammer and pumpkin bread while I reaquainted myself with my Tiopa Ki Lakota rewrites.

Got home and uploaded a couple of programs from Anna’s Road Scholar CD for my Palm. Played around online. Saw my best friend on AIM. Cleaned off my desk.

Today, I got all the remaining copies of Castle Walls ready to be mailed out to their respetive owners. Paid a couple of bills, balanced a couple of savings accounts. Cleaned the bathroom. Fought with my wife’s Mac and Palm again – this time it was her using the same port for the printer as the Palm. Had to reboot the puter and find some other port for her to plug her Palm into. Then she couldn’t find the Wordsmith documents she’d made at school. When I found them, I couldn’t use MicroShaft Word to open them because we were on the network and I was already running the program.

What a rip, huh? Last time we were on a network, I typed some code or other into the terminal. It was the only way we could both use the program at the same time. Seems that when we moved and disconnected the network, it cleared the terminal command. Had to relocate it and enter it again. *sigh*

And edited Tiopa. 5,601 words today. Don’t know that I’ll get much more done tonight. My eyes are tired.

However, I can’t go to sleep. The boss called and left a message today. My schedule has changed from 2pm to 10pm – a graveyard shift. Joy. I have to stay up as late as possible now or I’ll never make it through tomorrow night.

Back to Tiopa. Or maybe Orphan Maker. How about the Iditarod adventure? Perhaps notes on the Sanguire. *grumble* Why does my muse always insist on doing EVERYTHING at the SAME time?