Got an email from my wife last night – she made it safely to North Carolina. I don't know if she was emailing from a hotel or her sister's house. It was pretty late there, and she needed to get to sleep. I should hear more today.

Cats are fed. Fourth day of it, and the boys are starting to get a handle on the changes. Took 'em long enough. Nailed Lester in the middle of the night. One advantage to the tapestries over the window is that when a cat gets on the ledge, evidence of his trespassing is very obvious. Since he's the only one who does such a thing, I gave him a light drubbing. You see, we live someplace where we're allowed a cat. One. We have four. Hence, they can get on cat furniture and peer out to the world, but we don't want a bunch of kitties hanging out on the window ledge for management to see.

First day back at work after five days off. Slow day. In fact, I'm pretty sure I won't have much of anything to do except paperwork and scheduling. This is the last week alone. Our new boss is on the case starting next week. YAY!

After weeks of not being able to write, I've figured out what the problem is. (Cleaning house helped. It's kind of psychological for me – get my environment in order, and my brain follows.)

* For the Sanguire, I'm still awaiting edits from my wife. She didn't do all that many on our vacation, but on the trip this week, she took all manuscripts and only one book. (Here's hoping she got somewhere.)

* For the Iditarod story, I got hung up on Scotch’s sexuality rearing its ugly little head. I originally played it off as her first conscious attraction to another woman. But that meant I had to go with the whole ‘coming out’ bag of cheap tricks and emotional angst. What a pain! The reason I wanted to write this story was to write about the race, dammit! That’s the focus! Anyway, I’ve decided to rewrite that particular chapter, making Scotch totally aware of her lesbian leanings. Then I can get on with the Iditarod.

And, finally, rather than fight with the php 'plugin' to have quotes come up on my eventual homepage, I figured screw it. I have a perfectly good script that I'm already using. So I added that to my WordPress blog. It doesn't look too bad. It's the first thing on the menu, followed by links to my site and places I go to frequently.