Hopefully until the end of the novel. I’ve busted through 2672 words today, finishing chapter 44 and beginning 45. Lainey’s getting punch drunk from the lack of sleep, some hallucinations. This leg is also taking a toll on her dogs. She’ll lose two more before she leaves the checkpoint at Unalakleet.

Which is not to say the last three weeks have been a total loss. I’ve edited a total of 241 thousand words – all three of my previously published novels.

I scoured Castle Walls yesterday and submitted it to my publisher. If I’m lucky, they’ll want it, too. I couldn’t believe the errors, though. And I’m not talking thing that got through the content editing and such. I’m talking published errors that had shown up in the .pdf file but none of us caught. I checked the book and there they were. Whoops!

Tomorrow I’m back to that 1k a day thing. My buddy, Advocate, has given me the chance to beta her latest. I can’t read it until I’m finished writing this or I’ll get distracted again! My betas are going to be up in arms if I stop again!