And Lainey’s hit the finish line! W00t!

Had an indecisive moment as I considered who’s POV to use for her arrival in Nome. Hers or Scotch’s? While it was nice to consider Scotch’s POV (not to mention refreshing since the last two hundred chapters have been all from Lainey’s POV,) it was suggested to me by a friend that I should stick with Lainey a little longer. Then I can compare it to her first Iditarod the previous year as she stood on the sidelines, shivering and wondering about all these crazy people out in the Alaskan wilderness in the dead of winter.

Now that she’s there, the second half of the chapter will be Scotch’s POV – getting Lainey to the dog lot and into a shower. And into BED!

Work schedule’s screwed up a bit from what I was hoping for. Morning shift followed by two noon shifts. That cuts into my writing time considerably. Which means I have to finish this baby by Friday evening if I’m going to finish it by the time we leave for Seattle next week.

Speaking of which, while I’m not attending the Cremation con in Seattle, I will be there. Attending Lucy’s show on Saturday night and may hang out in the con hotel bar at some point.

The sale goes on . . . only five or six copies left of Warlord Metal and Castle Walls. Thanks to everyone who’s already purchased one. I’m heading for the post office on Friday.