Finally sat my ass down and went over the Born of Silence outline. Ended up cutting four or five scenes and adding a total of fifteen. Those scenes alone will add another 30k to the word count, putting this puppy right up where it needs to be to entice a major publisher.

I’m trying something different this time. While I was scribbling down scenes on paper, trying to come up with a cohesive outline, I realized I had three scenes that had to go earlier . . . and I was already on the second page of my outline. Ugh. I’ve tried index cards before, but shuffling through them to see what I wanted wasn’t fun.

This time I’m trying the Post-It Note method. I’ve got an old art pad on my desk, covered in forty-eight stickies. Each is a scene from the book, put in order. I’ve numbered the bottom corner, just in case they come off the cardboard, but that’s the only permanent placement. If things change, new scenes are added, etc, I can easily move things around and still see everything. Depending on how this works, I might continue with it. We’ll see how it goes.

I think I’m going to outline Orphan Maker this way, too.