An announcement has been put out on the ‘verse about a former employee of Fortitude selling off the abandoned stock of titles. The books have been stored in her basement almost from the beginning of the company, and it will cost three or four hundred dollars to have the local waste management company haul them away.

I can see her point, honestly. Fortitude didn’t pay her for storage and, when the company folded, ignored the legal notices sent to them to take care of the remaining product. The woman does have a valid reason for doing this to receive some sort of compensation since the former CEO appears to have washed her hands of the issue.

But let’s get something perfectly clear. Several months ago, I was told by this person that she would be discussing various avenues with the authors involved in liquidating the stock once all legal hoops were jumped through. Then, last week, I received an email telling me the same thing she’s posted on various lists in the ‘verse – that she was selling it off on her own, to defray costs of storage and in lieu of paying another company to haul it to the landfill. There was no discussion to be had.

According to my contracts with Fortitude, royalties will not be paid in the event that the company dissolves. So what she’s doing is legal (which I never doubted.) Unfortunately, all three of my titles are going to be republished through PD Publishing . . . both Tiopa Ki Lakota and Warlord Metal will be coming out by around Orlando Bardcon. Castle Walls will be out sometime next year.

So, if you absolutely must have those first two titles, knock yourself out. Or you can wait a few more months and see them in all their shining glory with the nifty new covers done by Steph Solomon-Lopez. (I think you know which I’d prefer! LOL!) I know that Tiopa hasn’t changed significantly from the second edition, but haven’t begun editing Warlord, yet.

Edit to add:

I’ve been reminded that no agreement between Fortitude and the individual in question was made regarding storage of product. It was only after the company folded that storage fees were demanded and refused.

Additionally, this person was a corporate officer of the company, not an employee. Her actions do represent the company (and our contractual agreement) as opposed to someone trying to see compensation for money spent.

So . . . legal or not? I don’t know. It’s in the gray area. Technically, Fortitude no longer exists, my contracts are defunct, and no royalties are due. But she’s not selling second hand books – she’s selling unsold copies – and she was a corporate member of the company.

Anyhow, just thought I’d clarify the muddy waters for folks. We all do what we need to do in life. You make your own choices.