The move went extremely well. In three days we were completely unpacked and put away. I still have some doodads to hang on the balcony, but other than that, we’ve settled in.

Been without DSL for almost a week, then had to spend an hour on the phone with support to get it back up and running. Sheesh. I’ve spent the last two days doing nothing but wallowing on the web. Now I know why relapsing heroin addicts invariably OD . . .

Yesterday, I read a couple of online fics that were . . . fantastic! I’m gobsmacked! (And I ain’t English!) Go! Read! Both of them! (And thanks, ! Your review is what sent me there!)

It occurred to me this morning that Castle Walls is due to be sent to the publisher by August 1st . . . and I haven’t even touched it since we negotiated the contract. Oops! Guess what Redhawk’s doing this morning?

And lastly, I’ve uploaded the next to chapters of the Iditarod tale. Enjoy!