Another monster work day yesterday, but I slogged through it. Flat out refused to stay until midnight to turn a room. Fortunately, my shift leader was working, and he remained behind long enough to get most the work done. This morning, another of our guys worked at front desk and offered to check it with the day shift and make certain the room was ready to go. The group we have in house and the one transferring in for the following week are both a bit on the high maintenance side of things. My boss wasn’t certain they wouldn’t be running ragged this morning and, therefore, unable to get the room prepped in time.

Slept eight hours, spent the morning cruising the blogs I read and transferring my wife’s iTunes files to her new hard drive. Then I had a three hour nap and am feeling pretty good (other than the sore feet and creaky joints.)

Now it’s time to get this chapter of Orphan Maker finished.

—– mere seconds later —–

Whoops! Dishwasher just melted a plastic lid. Phew!

—– later —–

2181 words. Chapter eighteen complete. I was beginning to despair that I’d get in my word count today. (Come to think of it, I usually do, don’t I? Go figure.) The bombshell has been dropped, at least as far as Gwen is concerned. She’s having a serious d’oh moment. Of course, now that she thinks about it, she has a pretty good idea what happened to Loomis to cause those nightmares.

Now I’m going to get some reading done. Tipping the Velvet for those interested. It’s still one of my all time favorites. I think when I’m done I’m going to begin rereading the Harry Potter series.