Of course. Busy day, but I spent a good portion of it doing cleaning stuff . . . which left me alone with my thoughts for a bit. Some story changes are in the works.

Orphan Maker: Got a handle on the next chapter. I’ll have to reread the last to make certain where I’m going with it. Not sure whether the next scene will be Loomis’ or Gwen’s POV. Gwen’s is due.

On Azrael’s Wings: Got a handle on the next scene there. Can almost see and hear and smell it. Should be worth another five hundred to a thousand words on the rewrites.

Born of Silence: Some character adjustments to go with the plot adjustments. Less nicey-nice with Jenna, more hardcore street bitch. She won’t be a blood thirsty killer, but she’ll be primed to become one should the proper circumstances arise. (Which they ultimately will.) Streetname change for Jenna. Her initials are J.D. and she’s known as that in the first draft. J.D. = Jack Daniels = Whiskey. There it is – she’s known on the streets as Whiskey.

Kou Itten: A story I haven’t mentioned here much. It’s a cyberpunk genre that was half written before I began this blog. It’s stalled out on me twice now, but I think I’ve finally found a way to complete the second half of the book and tie it all together. I’ll use the same format as before except reverse the character POV’s. (The first half is from my netrunner’s POV.)

So . . . no writing done, but lots of brainstorming. Not a bad day.