Been pretty busy at work and at home to write or post. I’ll admit, some of it is an annoying addiction to Second Life, but the work front has been exhausting. The holiday season are both our busiest and laziest times of the year.

Orycon totally rocked, of course. I had a blast and went to many panels (writing oriented.) Learned some good stuff. I think there’s a 60% chance they’ll come back next year. My fellow associates kicked butt in wowing the attendees this year. There were very few hassles and only one pain in the butt issue (slow elevators.) The event manager in charge went on vacation, so negotiations are on hold until she gets back. Here’s hoping!

Then I worked another seven days in a row. Our biggest and busiest convention of the year is on Veteran’s Day weekend. So what happens? The other supervisor resigns his position and one of our less dependable associates called off. So, we were two people short, and I had to swap in the middle of the week to swing shifts to cover. Ugh. Twelve hour days (and nights) ain’t fun, but it could have been much worse. Had yesterday off, worked a swing last night, have today off, and tomorrow I’m back to days. Next week, though, I’m on nights.

During some of that down time, I’ve reread Orphan Maker and think I have a good idea where to go next. It’s dropping off my outline and I had to let it sit and stew for a bit, since I didn’t know where it was going. It’ll get to my planned ending, I know, it’s just taking its own sweet time getting there.

Also went over Warlord Metal again, the final .pdf for PD Publishing. That should pretty much be the last of THAT one. Again. LOL! It should be out this month. I’ve been through the initial editing of Castle Walls, but that’s not due out until next summer, so I don’t know when I’ll get the next round.