I’ve been remiss. People are wondering if I’m still breathing. I am! I am!

Busy, busy, busy at work. Despite that, the most exhausting thing is the constant shifting between days and swings. I have to cover the manager’s days off, and still cover the swing shift as much as possible. Six days last week. I’ve got two more to go before a blissful five plus day weekend.

Today I begin to clean house and put up the decorations. On the morning of the 19th, I do the door decorations for the annual contest in our apartment complex. Still top secret until I get it out there. Then I’ll spill the beans.

Tuesday is Mother’s Night. My wife and I plan a quiet evening together, candlelit dinner, and then a stroll through the building to see the other door decorations. Wednesday is Yule, and I’ll be up all night in vigil.

Went to my rheumatologist last week to discuss beginning the clinical trials we talked about earlier. Bummer! I’m not eligible! I have no pain and no joints swollen! Too bad, huh? YAY! Even the joints in my hand that have remained swollen throughout the last two years have gone down! (As you can imagine, I’m crushed.)

Sent out Yule cards. To those reading this who got one, the cards are part of this year’s theme for us. Now you might have some idea what our door decoration will be! LOL!

Got the Yule shopping complete. (Thank gods for mail order.) I spent one afternoon out and about on errands to pick up the last of it for my wife, and it’s wrapped and sitting on my desk now. Yes . . . my form of torture. The gifts are in plain sight. Also got a box shipped out to my best friend, which thankfully arrived yesterday in California.

No writing to be had. I’m sort of stuck with Orphan Maker. It’s gone into an area I have no outline for. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next. I read it during those few bouts of free time last week, and I like it, but I haven’t had any time to concentrate on the characters. I know the story will eventually get to where I want it to go, but it’s gone on a detour and I need a road map!

Warlord Metal is officially out! YAY! I should be getting my author copies on Yule. What a great present for the holiday!

What else? Not much, really. The desk’s a mess, the house is filthy, I’ve got guests coming on the 25th for the feast. We’ve had something near thirty days of record lows, so my long johns have been getting a lot of use. Since Mother’s Night is a day of rest, I’ve got to whip everything into shape TODAY, since I work the next two. Ugh!

How’s everybody else?