Four work days later . . . Had day shift on all of them, so it made things a bit more difficult. Saturday was an eleven hour shift and I’m wasted.

Today I got in another 2214 words. Born of Silence, chapter two is complete. Four more new scenes to write before I get into the meat of the editing itself. I expect it’ll go a little faster when I get to the pink Post It notes. (Marble blue are the new scenes, plain blue the edited scenes, and pink the ones basically remaining the same.)

One major change will be the location of the story. I’ve decided to place it in Seattle. It’s not the Portland isn’t ‘city’ enough for what I’m writing, but a larger Human population would support a larger Sanguire population. Considering I want to eventually relocate the European Sanguire to the Pacific northwest, there definitely needs to be a greater . . . herd to feed from. LOL!

Now I’m off to read my new book, The Captured, by Scott Zesch. It’s about a distant relative of his who was captured by Indians as a child and never returned to a normal life when he was returned. I’m only two chapters in, but it’s a good one.