Sunday I finished chapter five of Born of Silence with 1148 words.

Monday was a day shift, so I didn’t get writing done.

Tuesday I made the mistake of watching an episode of Commander in Chief that was the first of a two-parter. (I’ve been downloading the series via iTunes and have gotten into the habit of watching one ep before starting to write for the day.) Thank the gods I’d already downloaded the second part! I couldn’t just ignore it! I had to see the next ep!

Of course, that meant no writing got done on Tuesday . . .

Today I’ve downloaded the last available ep in the series (which means the next one will be available soon! Squee!) Since it takes forever for a download, while it’s doing its thing, I write. Got 1303 words of chapter six completed. I’ll probably finish it tomorrow. Then I have only one more new scene to write before getting into the serious editing for a couple of days.

Now off to work.