621 words written for a total of 2556 for the chapter and scene. Whiskey (Jenna) has been discovered by suspect Sanguire, a pack of kids basically. (Of course, ‘kids’ is a relative term for Sanguire. These ‘children’ are all under . . . fifty. LOL!)

Next chapter is a night of revelry and violence. Jenna gets her dragon tattoos tonight, helps commit some petty crimes and terrorize another streetkid. She’ll discover she enjoys the rougher aspects of the Gothic lifestyle, and assumes that one or more of her new friends thinks he or she are vampires. No biggie for her, since she’s always been drawn to them.

Then I’ll be finished with the new scenes for a short bit. The next two are extensive rewrites, but just regurgitation of the original book. Then one more new scene before I slog through six or eight that pretty much remain the same.

I work days tomorrow and Sunday, so no writing will be done. Monday, Tuesday off, though – I hope to get the new chapter complete and begin working on edits in earnest.