632 words today (work day.) Got a really late start, all in all, so I’m pleased I at least made the five hundred mark. Just as well I stop now. I’m at a point in chapter six I haven’t quite seen or heard, so the break will give me a chance to figure out what happens next.

Jenna’s been pounced upon by some teenagers looking for a spot of fun. Cruising the U district of Seattle to find street kids to beat is a local past time of some of teenagers, it seems. Unfortunately for her tormentors, a pack of Sanguire punks have arrived. They’ve heard whispers and rumors of the Tyrannos’ return, and have come to seek her out. (Jenna is still blissfully unaware of her heritage or the prophecy at this point.)

There’s going to be a sudden and complete explosion of controlled violence in this scene. I’m right on the edge of it. I just need to calculate who’s doing what and whether or not someone dies. Hadn’t planned on killing anyone off this early, but the threat of a murder sentence will definitely up the ante for Jenna. (Doesn’t matter that she won’t be the one doing the killing. She was there and witnessed it, hence an accessory.)

We’ll see how it goes.