Sunshine outside, lots of chores done, the cats are playing on the balcony. Still pretty cold out, but our apartment is so well insulated, we haven’t had the heat on most the winter. (In fact, the balcony door is open fairly often this winter.)

2200 words even today. Chapter seven of Born of Silence is complete. And it’s not the chapter I originally planned to write . . . it’s a new one to the outline. I’ve still got to write the one sitting on my desk.

Whiskey (Jenna) has been rescued by some hard core punks. Well dressed, violent, unafraid of mixing it with anyone, and one or more of them thinking he or she is a true vampire, she expects them to be living in a flop like in the flick, The Lost Boys. Imagine her surprise when they have a Lexus LS 430. She’s driven to an expensive residence where there’s also a Porsche Carrera and a bevy of Ducatis and Triumphs in the oversized garage. While there, she’s fed, showered, and . . . well . . . fucked.

NOW I can get into the trouble they drag her out on.