Completed at 2365 words. Jenna’s spent the evening with a pack of Sanguire younglings, getting tattooed and raising hel. She thinks they’re just a bunch of rich Europeans, cruising Seattle to blow off steam before returning to their old moneyed estates. While she’s aware that a couple of them have fangs, she thinks they’re just doing this sort of thing to shock Mummy and Daddy.

Didn’t write any yesterday, having too many errands to run. Picked up hotel reservations for Vegas this summer. Lo, and Behold! they took the money out of my account immediately rather than just booked the room. Had to scramble to get to the bank and cover rent, but we’re good now. At least I know they won’t sell our room out from under us! LOL! It’s paid in full.

Been downloading Surface episodes through iTunes. I work nights more often than not, and I’ve only caught bits and pieces of the show that intrigued me. It’s well worth the time and hassle, though, that’s for sure. I’ve only see three eps, but I’m liking it.

Now I’m going to watch ep 4 and then head to work. Aloha!