Been a busy week at work, so not much done as far as writing goes. Had yesterday off, but I haven’t had the opportunity to think about what I was doing next, so didn’t write then, either.

Today, however, has been quite productive.

Chapter nine has been restructured and rewritten. Changed the place, added in bits and pieces that have happened to Whiskey, had her best friend realize Whiskey was involved in the rumored beating of a streetkid, showed off Whiskey’s new tattoo… that has mysteriously healed after less than twelve hours. 1965 words.

Chapter ten was a rehash of the previous version’s second chapter. About the only changes made here were deletions of descriptions I’d already conveyed in the newer version, and changing references to Whiskey’s nickname. (Originally, she was known by her first and last initials – J.D.) 2848 words.

The next scene is a brand new one that I need time to consider before writing. So today’s (and ths week’s) total is 4813. I’ve got to go into the second manuscript and read Dorst’s initial meeting with Whiskey. I expect some of it to change since I’m introducing him so much earlier this time.

Other than working, I’ve been reading the Ukiah Oregon series by Wen Spencer. If you’re into SF, I’d recommend it. She’s got a hel of a premise for the lead character, a found feral child with lesbians for adoptive parents. He’s an adult in the series, and very different from other feral children in that he’s learned to be civilized and use language. He’s working as a private investigator, putting his nose to the trail of missing persons . . . literally.