Final tally. Got into a small snag. I know where I was last chapter, I know where I want to go by the end of THIS chapter, but had to find some way to transition between the two.

Jenna (Whiskey) is feeling her oats, and is beginning to realize she has some pull with the pack of Sanguire youngsters she’s fallen in with (though she still doesn’t know that’s what they are.) She’s throwing her weight around with the leader and it’s going to result in some unpleasantness soon. It wasn’t until I lay down for a nap that I figured where the scene was heading.

After the next couple of scenes, the original writing will be completed. The next 25 scenes are strictly edits. Maybe I will be finished by the end of next week!

I succumbed to another organic mocha today. Ugh. I hate being allergic to dairy and too much of a purist to ask for soy. Ah, well. I’ve got four days to recuperate before I head back to the Grind (*snicker*) for more writing. I’m going to meet my friend, Steph, there. Haven’t seen each other since . . . last March? Sheesh. And we live in the same city!