…so good.

Spent yesterday reading through the first seventeen and a half chapters of Born of Silence. Also went in to my audiologist to have my hearing checked and the aids looked over. The aids are doing fine and dandy, but the hearing is worse. I’ve got a name and number for an ear, nose, & throat specialist. The audiologist says that the outer ear appears physically fine and the inner ear has loss, but not to the extent of the total hearing loss. There’s a possibility that some correction might be attainable.

Then she asked me about my name. Usually this is followed by, “Are you Native American?” Totally blew me away when she asked instead, “Do you write books?” LOL! I’ve never had anyone recognize my name from my books before when I wasn’t at a convention. It was rather surreal!

Topped off the evening by breaking in our new propane grill. I’ve never cooked with gas before, so it was an education. The burgers turned out pretty well. (I used a recipe I found on The Food Network.) Grilled one ear of corn as an experiment; it turned out rather well. Next week I’m going to try chicken.

Today I finished the last of the reading and wrote 1153 words to finish out chapter eighteen. I’ve got at least one, maybe two more scenes to write from scratch before I get into the light editing phase. If it hadn’t been for that damned flu, I’d be completely finished with this, dammit!

Last week I reviewed the final .pdf of Castle Walls. That means it’ll be out soon! YAY!