It hasn’t even been a week and I’m posting already! What a concept!

Wednesday through Friday I rested up from Hel Month at work. Ran a few errands but mostly hung out at home with The Song of Ice and Fire series previously mentioned. Just started book four and have heard that the author plans seven. Good series if you like gritty realism in your fantasy tales.

Saturday my dad came for a visit from Idaho. He’s moving to Texas in a few months. I visit Idaho once every 5 years (if that.) Maybe he’s worried he’ll never see me again . . . LOL! We had a wonderful time roaming downtown. My dad’s a retired computer programmer analyst who will NEVER switch to a Mac. But I got him into an Apple store! LOLOL! Damn! Wish I had a camera so I could blackmail him with my brothers.

Sunday was my wife’s birthday, and I read, watched DVDs, and ran out to get her a speaker system for her iPod. Then I consolidated our music selections on her computer and transferred her iPod to her iBook instead of her eMac. The eMac will soon be on its way to parts unknown since she uses the iBook much more frequently.

Today I wrote the new intro to chapter nineteen of Born of Silence. Then edited like a mad woman. Whipped out four chapters of edits to the tune of 11,884 words. (Kids, don’t try this at home.) The next ten scenes are flat out edits. Then one more scene with some serious changes before I wing my way through the last nine scenes.

Anybody out there haven’t read any of my Sanguire stories? I’m going to need a first reader or six to tell me if it all goes together and works or not.