(I wrote journal entries on my iBook throughout our vacation, but didn’t have internet access. I’m now posting them here with their time and date stamps.)

Still on the train. I’m writing on my iBook to keep things fresh in my mind, and I’ll be posting them at the time and date stamp I’ve written them.

We’re about 4 hours behind schedule. I love the train, but this is one thing I’m not too keen on. A couple of years ago, we went to New Orleans from Los Angeles on Amtrak. We arrived eight hours late. Fortunately our hotel was already paid for, so they didn’t sell our rooms. It’s no different now. Every time a freight train has to pass, we end up pulling aside for ten, twenty, forty minutes until it passes. That’s what slows us up. Freight has priority over passengers.

I have a sneaky suspicion that my friends are counting the hours before our arrival. Here’s hoping they took my advice and are checking the Amtrak website. LOL! Their going to be mighty surprised if they don’t!

I’ve finished reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Now I have a full day of train riding to get through, so I’m pulling out a copy of Iditarod to edit.

Iditarod will be a much different story. I only wanted to write about the race when I penned it. Reading over the email responses I’ve received (yes, I saved those! Thanks to everyone for writing!), the only major complaint are that the characters have no growth or development. That’s going to change. Lainey’s alcohol problem will be much more dominant, and Scotch has her own dark history to contend with, one that her family is fully cognizant of and somewhat helpless to assist her with.

(insert ominous music here.)