Hel, lazy month, too. Slept ten and a half hours last night. Didn’t even get up every couple of hours as is my wont. Then I took a two hour nap later in the morning. Not sure what the deal is; the last few days at work have been blissfull as far as the lack of physical labor required on my part. Sure am wiped out, though.

Been reading . . . a LOT, as can be seen by my Now Reading column to the right on my homepage. I have a vague sense of guilt for not writing or editing anything, but there’s no urgency, no inspiration. I’ve got a list of thirty plus ideas to work on, but none have really caught my eye.

Oh, yeah, a reminder for those of you involved in the Sanguire reading – you’ve got a week until the deadline. (That’s a laugh. Like I’m going to rush to deal with it . . .)