My latest obsession . . .  Things at work are changing (mixed bag, both for the better and the worse.)  I’m literally taking over the department as our previous operational supervisor has moved to a different department.  Better for me physically, but I hate phones.  LOL

Now that I’m managing all sorts of crap, I need to organize myself better, and Backpack is the way to go for me.  With an eMac at home, an iBook for roaming, and a PC at work, this web application has already gone way past its worth in monthly payments.  I can log in anywhere to access lists, notes, files, etc.  I’m also using it to organize my personal and home life, as well. (Yes, and writing.)

Still doing lots of reading, as evidenced by my Now Reading list.  Once things settle at work, I think I’ll be able to get back to writing again.  Both Iditarod and Sanguire edits await.