Here I sit at the Urban Grind coffee house in the Pearl District.  I was impressed with the funky little place the last time I was here.  Unfortunately, thats’ when I got so deathly ill and I haven’t been back since.

But today I have a purpose.

Last night while online, I became bored, really bored.  I think I’ve reached the end of my writing vacation.   The stack of books to be read remains the same height no matter how many I weed out of it, but I’m not so fired up to read anymore.  (I know.  I hear you.  “It’s about TIME!”  My wife agrees with you.)

I’ve been working my way through the Into the West miniseries.  Yesterday morning as I finished watching episode four, I got a major hankering to write.  Or rewrite.  Or something.

One things I’ve always said was that I didn’t care for CyberEpic.  People ask if I’ll ever publish it; my response has always been a resounding “no!”  When I wrote it, I knew what the average white American knew about American Indians.  (Well, maybe a little bit more, but not all that much.)  Now, however, I’ve done a mountain of research for the writing and rewriting of Tiopa Ki Lakota.  There are so many more things I can put into CyberEpic that was denied me by my previous ignorance.

That doesn’t change the fact that I still hate the title and the story.  LOL!

Today I begin writing a new novel, tentatively titled Red Wolves.  Same basic plot, same general characters, but I’m writing it from scratch.  I’m sure some things will remain the same, and others will change drastically.  Those of you who dearly adore CyberEpic, be warned.  Or be cheered . . .

When I first wrote that novella, I didn’t outline any of it.  Given my recent discovery that perhaps outlining isn’t for me, Red Wolves will be a return to those roots.  I have no idea where this story will go, or where the characters will take me.  Maybe it’ll help fire up my inspiration, and put me on the good written path I started on so many years ago.
A girl can hope.