And some SERIOUS drooling here!  Good gods almighty!  I’d never go back to a computer again if I could have THIS baby!  Might take a bit for the video to download, but if you’re a hard core computer geek, it’s worth the wait!

Then there’s the World…  Looks mighty cool.  If I was a multibillionaire with money to burn, I’d buy one for the bragging rights.  But honestly, a man made island?  Has no one mentioned to these people that the ice shelves are melting at an outrageous pace these days?  That global warming may mean they’ll be buying LOTS of sand to raise the beaches?

They’ve discovered what they believe to be the secret cave that Romulus and Remus were raised before they founded Rome…  Hmmm…  There’s some story fodder.  What if Remus was a woman?  Alternate history line — Remus survived and Romulus died.  Or bring it up to more contemporary times — a child raised by wolves in the here and now.  (Can’t put too much of a SF twist on this without echoing Wen Spencer’s Ukiah Oregon series.  Speaking of which, go out and get it!  The hero’s parents are lesbians who adopted him, for one thing.)