I have this ‘extension’ for Firefox called StumbleUpon. It gives me random websites that other people have found enjoyable. I guess it’s considered a social thing, I dunno. I don’t frequent the pages of other Stumblers; I just hit the Stumble! button on my browser window, and roam about the webverse.

The first site I hit today was this one. Talk about a healthy toy for your children! LOL! “Sweetheart, bodily functions are nothing to be ashamed of…”

Here’s an intriguing site. The Mouth & Foot Painting Artists. Wild. I really like Kim Howard’s work. No way could I do that! And Jean Michalski? It’s amazing!

Another art site, Final Redemption, has this tutorial on human proportions. Not much else there except a gallery, though.

Oh, wow! I just found my new favorite artist! I’m off to drool. See ya!