…of which I am now a paying member.

There’s a group of folks at work who have a ‘Lard Ass Club.’  Every so often they get together, have an official weigh-in, and pay their dues.  Thirty bucks.  I have three months to lose weight in any fashion I choose.  At the final weigh-in, I’ll get back a buck per pound lost.  The remainder of the pot will go to whoever has lost the most weight.

I think there are nine or ten of us, so that works out to a pot near three hundred dollars. I’ll just be happy to make my thirty back.

But it would be cool to take the pot!  LOL!

In honor of my membership, I did some stomach crunches and leg lifts this morning.  Not many, believe me!  After surgery on my ear, I was on ultra-light duty for weeks.  Then business slowed to a trickle.  I haven’t had much work out time on the floor.  And that’s going to change soon, as I’m transferring into another department that’s more sedentary.

Thank the gods I can use the hotel health club!

Besides, up until now, I’ve used my job as a means to keep moving.  My arthritis isn’t going to go away, and this transfer (and LAC) will force me to take responsibility for my own health.  I have got to keep moving while I can!