Going great here!  As of now, I’m completely out of the Catering department at my hotel.  I’m a fully trained Loss Prevention officer instead.  Security is a wonderful department!  I’ve had time to THINK!

Just yesterday alone, I completely restructured Sanguire.  jrosestar, thanks for calling off the bet!  That entire novel is now defunct.  No more editing of it, and no submitting it to Tor.  The next one must be written, and sent instead.

I’ve also realized what my hang up was with Orphan Maker.  The Loomis I’ve created would never have acted that way in a joint town meeting.  Maybe when she was younger and more confident, but the trauma in her life broke her.  She wouldn’t stand up in front of everybody and their brother to discuss the way things should be going.  She’d take aside a member or two of the council and talk to them instead.

I set her up this way when the city kids arrived at the church — Loomis didn’t speak until someone demanded her opinion.  She holds a LOT of power with the townsfolk, but doesn’t use it often.  Doesn’t see that she has any.

So that last scene or two is going out the window (with the current version of Sanguire.)    What ELSE can I come up with?