I’ve been cautious the last couple of weeks, but I think I can say I’m on my way back from my mental vacation. At least my muse has made herself available for a change. I’m beginning to feel the excitement of crafting or editing a storyline now. Thank gods!

A friend and I planned to write a story this summer while she was out of college. I did some research on collaboration software, something that we could both access online from wherever we were. I found Basecamp, which gives you one free project. Our brainstorming was decent, and I upgraded to the Personal account within the day. Our story is set in the cyberpunk genre, and fits very neatly between the old CyberEpic and the stalled, upcoming Kou Itten I’d been working on.

Last week, I upgraded another level to the Basic account. Part of my problem has been all these ideas and current WIPs stewing around in my head. I’m having trouble focusing on any one thing these days. By putting all my current projects into Basecamp, they’re all readily available whether I’m home, at work, or at a coffee shop on the laptop. No more arriving at a destination, only to discover that the one story I really have a hankering to work on is on the wrong computer.

To that end, it seems to be working. Here’s a list of things I’ve accomplished the last couple of weeks. It’s not much compared to what I’ve done in the past, but it’s a hundred percent better than what I’ve been doing the last year or so…

1) Lichii Ba’Cho (CyberEpic rewrite, Apache for ‘Red Wolves’) – starting a new scene in chapter 2, making the whole thing grittier, fleshing it out more, getting rid of the info dumps in the original online version.

2) Ulina Mokupuni (cyberpunk collaboration) – wading through the first scene of chapter two so my partner can get to work on her scene. She’s back in school now, so don’t know how long it’ll take to get through that.

3) Sanguire (yes… the full on rewrite from scratch) – I’m beginning chapter three, scene one. Expanding scenes, focusing on Whiskey and the next week or so of her life. It’s going to be entirely from her POV, and she’ll be looking for the love of her life rather than the other way around.

4) Iditarod (rewrite and expansion) – my publisher is interested in this novel even if i double the size of it. Just finished writing chapter two, and will begin chapter three soon.

5) Slow Movin’ (short stories) – got two of them halfway completed. Both are on Basecamp so I can go in whenever the mood strikes.

I’ve started projects for both Orphan Maker and the third cyberpunk story, Kou Itten, but haven’t worked on either of them.

Here’s hoping I’m truly back! Thanks to everyone for being so patient with my absence!