What with the economy crashing, the hundreds and thousands of jobs going by the wayside, and the looming homelessness occurring in our society these days, my best wish for everyone is to maintain…  I hope we all can keep the money rolling enough to pay the necessary bills, to buy the food for ourselves and see to our loved ones, and that families and friends band together to support each other during these difficult times.  I wish everyone the best possible year!

Snow in Portland, Oregon was actually fun the first day or so.  Haven’t seen a blizzard like that since I was living in Idaho as a child.  I’m glad I was home for the worst of the snow days.

Our Yule celebration began on Mother’s Night.  My wife and I lit our Yule candle at sunset (though you couldn’t tell it from the dark outside!)  We swapped our gifts that night, and had a quiet evening together.  I found a box of cards at Powell’s earlier in the month, and we went through them for a couple of hours.  It’s amazing how many surprises we had for each other after twenty years together.  (The number of questions we answered for each other wasn’t surprising.  LOL!)

I stayed up the entire night on vigil, mostly reading.  I’ve found a new post-apocalyptic series my S.M. Stirling that takes place in Oregon.  The Emberverse series.  Very cool.  I highly recommend them.   When not reading, I downloaded music from iTunes with my gift cards.  WOOT!
The next day — with the worst of the snow coming down — was the feast.  Oddly enough, we had quite a few show up, despite the weather.  We thought we’d only have those invited within the apartment complex, but one showed up from several blocks away, and another couple drove in the white stuff to get there.  We watched lots of movies, visited with friends, and everyone left stuffed to the gills.
The next two weeks in my neck of the woods were chaotic at best.  When not snowed in at home, I was snowed in at work.  (Thank the gods I work in the hotel industry!) All I could do at work was wish I was home, and at home stare out the window wishing I could leave the house and do something.
As a result, I’m about two weeks behind on my edits.  I’m still working on repeated words — the current one I’m working on is ‘was’.  Ugh!  It’s only used 868 times according to Concorder!  I’m only on page sixteen of the Sanguire manuscript, and have pared the couple dozen down to three…  Only three hundred pages to go!

Speaking of which, I should get back to work…