Broken Trails, chapters twenty-seven and twenty-eight are ready to go.  About 3100 words edited.  Lainey’s come to the conclusion that she is an alcoholic, though she’s yet to say the words aloud. I think that’ll wait until the end of the book — I can already envision the scene where Scotch’s mysterious past is finally out in the open, and Lainey decides to come clean as well.

Found a new band – Delain.  I like ’em.  (What’s not to like with a hot redhead as a lead singer??)  I’ve been focusing a lot on metal bands with women vocalists.  I think Beautiful Sin is my favorite — the lead singer’s voice is gritty and rough, just the way I like it. (Take that comment any way you see fit.  😉 )

Almost finished with Blood Debt by Tanya Huff.  Not certain what I’ll be reading next.   S.M. Stirling’s Conquistador seems to beckoning, but we’ll see.