Three chapters of Broken Trail completed for a total of 6601 words edited.  Now that the majority of the technical race details have been passed over, I was able to throw in a few thoughts and angst.  Lainey’s decided if she can finish the Iditarod, she can do anything — to include admitting her alcoholism to Ben Strauss and Scotch.  It terrifies and sickens her, but it’s something she has to get through.

The story is mostly from Lainey’s POV, but I’ve had requests to get more of Scotch’s POV into it.  At the very least, there are readers who’ve requested to see Scotch’s win at Nome.  That means at least two more scenes to write from scratch, one when Scotch wins the Iditarod, and one while she reflects and waits for Lainey’s arrival.

I’m way past the halfway point now. YAY!

Saw the next ep of Heroes this morning.  Convoluted, as always. Love it! Can’t wait for V to start next month! I think I saw that has another Flash Forward ep available.  I’ll see that tonight after work.

Speaking of work…  Urgh.