Broken Trail, chapters thirty-eight through forty edited and tweaked for a total of 6701 words.  I’m about two thirds through the novel now.  WOOT! Total wordcount is over 95k.  It’ll break 100k, easy, with the additional chapters.

Watched the television show, Flash Forward, last night.  Still liking it.  “And then there were two…”

Finished The Lovely Bones Thursday night, and began S.M. Stirling’s Conquistador.  I’m liking it, too.

Today’s my Friday.  YAY!  I’ve got to bring our luggage back to the storage unit, buy some new shoes for the cold weather, and meet with Stevie at Powell’s!  Haven’t seen Steve since… hel, it’s been years!  He just moved up here from California last summer. I’m looking forward to the visit.