No posting yesterday because I didn’t do any writing to note.  A friend I RPG with on a Star Trek ship moved here from California last summer.  We finally made arrangements to get together.  He now understands the Awe and Power of the Shrine, Powell’s.  (“And this,” waving to one half of a huge room, “is the science fiction section.”)  It was good to see him again, and reconnect face-to-face.  Now we need Shawn to move up here — we can get a real D&D game going!!

Broken Trails, chapters forty-one through forty-three completed today.  6151 word count.  The novel has broken the 102k mark.  Here’s hoping my publisher is willing to take it when it’s complete… With just the rest of the first draft added, it’ll top 125k.  And I’ve at least one or two more scenes to add later in the manuscript.

Got to see Stargate Universe last night.  SyFy (the idgits) won’t show a television show the night after its television airdate.  They want to wait a week and a day.  I was pretty bummed about that, but a friend (thank you, Stevie!!!) found it on  WOOT!  Anyway, I love it, of course.  Wasn’t too hot on SG:Atlantis, but SGU looks cool.  It helps that I like the actor playing Dr. Rush.  Hope he’s not a bad apple that’ll end up being killed off this season for whatever reason…

Still working on Conquistador by S.M. Stirling.  It’s good.  I especially like the fan-geek stuff he sprinkles throughout his manuscripts.  An Italian feudal style family with a priest called Father Sarducci.  LOLOL!  Is his first name Guido??

I’m off to Clackamas Towne Center and the Vans store.  I desperately need shoes now that the weather’s getting cooler!