Another 6470 words edited on Broken Trail.  Lainey’s almost at the finish line.  Changes here include Scotch’s Iditarod placement — she doesn’t come in third at all, it seems…  At this point, I need to write at least two more scenes for certain, both from Scotch’s POV on the trail.  I wanted to spend most of the Iditarod from Lainey’s POV — fresh eyes that the reader can connect with to view the race.  But I think I’ll insert a scene while Scotch is writing one of her love notes on the trail, and where she comes in to Nome.  Maybe a third after they have their phone conversation while Lainey’s still in White Bird.

Gina Torres is on ‘Flash Forward’??  All the more reason to watch, man!  WOOT!  I find it interesting that despite the obvious opportunities to change what they’ve seen in the future, those people who witnessed something dramatic that they might alter … don’t.  I mean, busting that fellah for drug paraphenalia would change the future, guaranteed.  But Demetrius didn’t do so.  Weird.

Still reading S.M. Stirling’s Conquistador.  It’s a book that’s interesting in concept, enjoyable in character and plot, but still easy to put down.  I’m only reading it at work for the most part…  I picked up Stephen King’s Dumas Key yesterday.  The first few pages intrigued me.  That’s next of my list.

My weekend starts tomorrow!  YAY!