Whew!  What a strange few days.  Work’s been kicking my butt with all sorts of unexpected things.  Then on Sunday, I’m kicking it at home in my pajamas.  Get a call at 3pm.  It’s my boss.  Where am I?  Home…  “Guess you read the schedule wrong then.”

YEEKS! I was dressed and out the door in ten minutes!

I spent Monday and Tuesday (my real days off) getting my chi and wa back together (and kicking ass on World of Warcraft.)  Got some chores done that I’d meant to start on Sunday, as well.

Today I finished editing chapters fifty-five and -six of Broken Trails for a 4878 wordcount.  Man, I can see why everyone hated me at the end.  What a let down!  Major face-tree!  Where’d the rest of the story go??  To that end, I’m expanding the final scene (not the epilogue,) and will definitely have an entire chapter devoted to the Iditarod banquet.  Maybe two chapters, because Lainey has to bare her soul to Scotch as well as Ben Strauss regarding her alcoholism.

Manuscript’s total count is 128,861 at this point.  Here’s hoping my publisher will still take it!

Caught up with Stargate Universe, Heroes, and Flash Forward this weekend, too. I’m still liking all of them.

Saw a movie called ‘Saving Face.’  It’s a cool lesbian flick about two Chinese Americans dealing with falling in love, and their strict traditional community.  Very fun.  Lots of humor.

Off to do catboxes, then work.  Aloha!