Last Thursday I had a ton of errands, and the Safety Committee meeting at work, so didn’t get anything done.  Then Thursday night was poison night, so nothing on Friday.

Had a bit of a late start today. I must have been tired, cuz I slept in an hour and a half, so not as much writing done as I’d hoped.  Chapter Fifty-Six of Broken Trails is almost complete with the new scene – Lainey and Scotch bearing their souls.  Scotch’s secret is revealed, and Lainey confesses her alcoholism for the first time to anyone.  Oh, and lots of hot, monkey sex. While I didn’t actually get a whole lot written (654 words,) I’m working on a particularly emotional scene. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Work was a freakin’ zoo!  We have about thirty rock garage bands in house for a function today in Old Town. My only saving grace is that tonight they’ll be mostly at the venues rather than drinking it up in our hotel.  I swear, I busted a party in one room and THIRTY people came out. THIRTY!!!  It was almost like watching one of those circus clown cars… where did they PUT them all??