Oi, what a week!  You know what’s worse than a garage band staying in your hotel?  THIRTY garage bands staying in your hotel!  UGH!  It was a freakin’ ZOO!

What with exhaustion, Poison Night, a six day stretch of Hel, and a mountain of unfinished chores, I haven’t actually written anything on Broken Trails.  I’ll work on it tomorrow before work.

Which is not to say I haven’t been productive in some manner.  I’ve recently discovered a new Mac program called Scrivener that’s an absolute wiz!  I’ve completed entering in data from my Orphan Maker project, and am now working on doing the same for Freya’s Tears (a space adventure.)  As I’ve mentioned on Facebook, I’ve been able to finally see the big picture of the novel’s plot, and have added some scenes to help flesh it out more.  The first draft is about three quarters finished, but has been sitting in limbo because that indefinable something was missing.

Caught the last episodes of Heroes and Stargate Universe last night.  I’m betting that on SGU, Destiny dipped into that gas giant to deploy its ramscoops — it was refueling.  Any takers?

Still reading Duma Key by Stephen King.  I only have time to read at work, and the last week hasn’t left me much opportunity.  I’m about a third of the way through it now.